Orlando Digital Health Marketing Consultant

We all know that internet marketing is important to growing your business. However figuring out the secret sauce to make that happen is a whole different ball game!

The one thing that many health and wellness businesses in the Orlando area is missing is CONSISTENCY in their message and outreach.

Think about it… When was the last time you wrote a BLOG POST? Do you send a TWEET whenever you remember to do it? Do you only send an email to your marketing list when you need another sale?

There are thousands of people online everyday who are looking for the solution you provide, however they don’t know that you exist.

I’m the one to help connect your health and wellness services to the thousands of people in the Orlando area who want to engage with your services.

Why hire me?

My clients love me because I understand health and wellness and the need for education. It’s not about cramming the latest supplement down someone’s throat. It’s all about focusing on the needs of your clients and patients.

Some of my clients include medical specialists, health educators, nutritional supplement companies, therapists, etc. The common thread between them is that they are all in need of a variety of content that gets them in front of people who can help them move their message to greater heights.

I started in digital health marketing in 2012 as a freelance writer and grew to become a full service marketing concierge service. However my entire career has involved writing for various audiences — program evaluations, PowerPoint presentations, letters to the editor, training curriculum, grant proposals, etc. I have taught business writing to medical and business professionals in community colleges and adult learning settings. I have also been a blogger for over 10 years, using my blog to catapult my career in adult learning and workforce development in Washington, DC.

Here are some of the examples of content I have created for other clients:

  • White Papers
  • Newsletters
  • Blog Content
  • Web Pages
  • Press Releases
  • E-Books
  • And more!

Take a look at some of my writing samples.


Would you like to work together on your next project?

I take pride in being a digital health marketing consultant with high integrity and professionalism. I believe it is my job is to make running your business a whole lot easier by providing turn-key marketing solutions that bring you new clients and patients.


Ready to learn more?

Contact Halona at HalonaBlack@gmail.com or call 347-674-0841 (I’m a REAL PERSON…).