If you are looking for the secret sauce to finally getting your brilliant ideas into a book, then I can help.

You’ve thought about writing a book, but haven’t had the time to actually do it. Maybe you’ve got a few pieces here and there, but nothing that really adds up to anything that’s publishable.

Halona Black is a ghostwriter who collaborates with high level business leaders who are ready to destroy the obstacles standing in the way of publishing a best selling book. Ms. Black’s digital marketing and communications expertise has been used to create successful campaigns in the areas of health, education, and technology.

Prior to her work in digital marketing and communications, she spent 12 years as an expert in training and workforce development in Washington, DC and around the world. Her experience spans the areas of advocacy, fundraising, program management, curriculum development, classroom teaching in higher education and community organizations.

Ready to learn more?

Contact Halona at Hello@DigitalWellPublisher.com or call 347-674-0841.

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