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White Paper written by Halona Black info@HalonaBlack.comWhite Paper

What to Look for When Choosing a Primary Care Doctor

This white paper was written as a lead magnet for one of North Carolina’s top primary care facilities interested in attracting new patients after implementation of the Affordable Care Act. 

Web Content

Global Diversity Consulting Company Seeks Clarity in Message

The about page of any company website is often the most reviewed page. This consulting company was looking for content that better described their work and who they serve.

Online Publication

The Hot Flashin’ Ladies Guide to Eating Your Way Through Perimenopause

Article written for online publication,, a well known women’s digital media lifestyle company.

Corporate Blog Post

How to Build Your Digital Brand with Case Studies

In this post, I teach digital marketers how to capture client testimonials and reuse them in in their marketing campaigns.

Luxury Lifestyle Publication

Anna Rawson Lines it Up in Tory Sport

Article written for award winning luxury magazine and lifestyle brand.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.10.10 AMLocal Business Web Copy

Advanced Dentistry of Long Island

Search engine optimization is important to health and medical companies seeking local clientele.

SEO Web Copy by Halona Black info@HalonaBlack.comConsumer Medical Article

Seeking a Solution to Infertility

Medical articles should be written in plain English so that consumers can read it and follow through on a call to action.

Back Cover Book Copy

20 Things You May Not Know About the Penis

The back cover copy is what entices the reader to want to hit the “Look Inside” button on Amazon.

B2B Medical Device Blog Content

New Study Reveals the Economic Cost of Blindness in Europe

This international B2B eye care technology company hired me to turn current medical studies into easily readable content.

Halona Black Freelance Health Writer info@HalonaBlack.comProduct Descriptions

Vanilla from Tahiti

The product descriptions throughout this site were search engine optimized so that customers and web browsers are able to find the products they need.

Online Magazine Article by Halona Black, Freelance Health Writer, info@HalonaBlack.comOnline Magazine Article

5 Great Cookbooks for Beginner Home Cooks

Online magazine article written to showcase my ability to research and share results.


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