Orlando Freelance Health Writer

Book Writing Coach


Do you need a health writer and marketing consultant who can make it EASIER for your target audience to find your health business or medical practice online? 

How much would it mean to you to find a health writer who can:

  • Give your health business a trustworthy web presence?
  • Position you as a problem solver in front of B2B health companies?
  • Use plain language to explain complicated health information?
  • Demystify the content marketing process?
  • Create compelling web content your customers can easily find on Google?
  • Devise a strategic content marketing plan that can increase your email list?
  • Write PR materials that create buzz and get results?

If you answered YES to any of these items, then LET’S TALK. Let me help you create the content you need to build the online presence that will attract targeted customers to your health business or medical practice. 

Content marketing is more than just writing a blog.

Creating a blog is a giant step forward on the road to establishing your online reputation. However, there is more to internet marketing and creating brand awareness than blogging. I provide health marketing consultations and writing services to help medical, health, and wellness companies create content that will SOLIDIFY YOUR MESSAGE and BUILD A MOVEMENT.

I specialize in the following content marketing solutions:

  • White Papers
  • Blog Content
  • Patient Education Materials
  • Web Pages
  • Press Releases
  • Contributed Articles
  • E-Books

These are just a few content marketing tools that can solidify your web presence and bring you more qualified leads.

Ready to get started? Email info@halonablack.com.